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Crime is escalating daily and businesses are losing huge amounts of money every year due to theft, fraud and misuse/abuse of business property.

Specialised Investigation Consultant Services cc, SICS was established during late 1997, offering our clients an efficient and professional service at favourable tariffs in various fields of operations.

Services provided by SICS are based on considerable expertise in different kinds of investigations and experience of police and prosecution services and the judicial system in both Namibia and South Africa.
SICS successfully conducts investigations, tracings and surveillance for various companies, banks, government, law firms, businesses and statutory institutions in Namibia.

SICS provides claims adjustment and assessing services for all insurance companies in Namibia and abroad. Our consultants are all members of Namibia Insurance Claim Adjusters Association.

SICS also has an anonymous tip off line, ACT-LINE. This toll-free hotline is operated by SICS to gather information on violations of company policies and related criminal matters for subscribers.

Windhoek: Tel: 061 252 375, e-mail: | Walvis Bay: Tel: 064 205 539, e-mail: